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New online screening tool developed to help classify how we respond to ASMR

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June 2021

Researchers from London have created a free new online tool that is able to classify how people respond to ASMR videos. The tool involves watching a variety of ASMR videos followed by questions on how the video made the individual feel.

Five possible groupings were found: ASMR-Strong (individuals who experience ASMR more strongly), ASMR-Weak ( individuals who experience ASMR less strongly ),  Control+ (individuals who don’t experience tingling sensations, but do experience a calming effect), Control- (individuals who don’t experience tingling sensations, and also find ASMR stimuli upsetting) and False-Positives (non-Responders who experience tactile sensations which are not head-dominant and are unpleasant and upsetting).

More information on the paper can be found at